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Welcome to Momentum Athletic Center

Momentum Athletic Center is singularly focused on delivering the very best that youth athletics has to offer young children and their families. It is our sincere hope to assist you as parents in developing a foundation for healthy, happy and productive adults through our dedication to teaching not only gymnastics, cheer, tumbling and Ninja, but lifelong skills such as respect, discipline, self-confidence, teamwork, integrity, the power of failure and the joy of success. Sports are the vehicle, but our mission, our people and our commitment are our fuel.

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Colorado’s Best Gymnastics, Cheer, Tumbling & NINJAgility

Vision: We passionately believe that children who learn a love of sport and an active lifestyle from selfless adults  are gifted with special advantages which help them live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Mission: To provide a nurturing youth sports activity center, within which young athletes can reach every ounce of their athletic potential, while developing the highest levels of self-esteem, integrity and character.

Goal: To help every child achieve his or her full potential as a young person and athlete

Our Method: Great Expertise + High Expectations + Fun = Inspired Growth

Current Mask Policy (updated Sept 2020)

Everyone, regardless of age must wear a mask when arriving and departing Momentum. This includes the time to and from your cars. Once in class, students 10 and under may take their mask off with parental permission. If younger students leave their class to use the restroom, etc. they must wear their mask. Students 11 and older must wear masks at all times. Some students have snack breaks during class. When they eat or drink, students may put their mask under their chin but must place mask over mouth and nose as soon as they are done. Any student or family refusing to follow this policy will be asked to leave Momentum.

Comments from Momentum Customers

Just a quick note of encouragement and gratitude… there is absolutely no comparison with the other two gyms we’ve experienced. You all have a ton of class, excellent communication skills and a clear heart for the kids with what appears to be a view that the profits and success will be the positive byproduct. So glad we made the switch!

And coach Carly has truly been a blessing to (our daughter). Thank you all! We truly appreciate you.

Don Sides
I can not tell you how awesome the customer service is here. You know when you go somewhere and you just know it’s a perfect fit? This happened when we went. I strongly recommend Momentum to everyone.
Jody Stephens
Best coaches, best owners, best gym!!! So happy we finally found a gym we love!
Stefanie Joesting
We are new to the world of gymnastics, so we don’t have much to compare to, but with that being said we have been so happy with Momentum! Our girls (4 and 6) absolutely love going to the gym. They countdown the days until they get to go to gymnastics every week and the have a blast at Friday night Open Gyms. Our 2 year old little guy loves going to his Baby Mo class every week so he can “jump in the pit!” The coaches are really sweet and the owner team is extremely kind and helpful. I also love how the older girls are really sweet to our girls and model what it means to be a gymnast and give them something to look up to. We have felt very welcomed ever since the first day that we walked in.
Rachel A. Volk
A gym that puts gymnastics and integrity first. Our girls have coaches that are second to none and give their hearts to our girls while teaching them to be fierce competitors in life and on the gym floor. Our owners are truly invested in doing what it takes to have successful teams and are sincere contributors in the Parker community. Phenomenal all around.
Jennifer Moore Ryan
The owners are focused on the athletes and the families. A truly amazing place with top coaches. My daughters love this place.
Dean P Dennis
We have nothing but great things to say about this Gym. Truly blessed we found this place. Great feeling when you walk in the door and the coaches take the time to make sure the kids are correctly performing the tasks at hand.
Mitzie Chanslip
We love this place! The coaches are amazing- my girls are making big improvements and come out of every practice with a huge smile on their faces! The owners are extremely friendly and helpful and the facility is top-notch. It’s a great place to be!
Jennifer Gommel
If you want to be a part of a contagious movement in gymnastics, this is the place! The owners are top notch!
Tamie Wolford-Gonzalez
The best coaches and ownership in Parker!!
Darren McHugh

Find us at two Parker locations:

Cheer/Tumbling/Ninja/Birthday Parties

10831 S. Crossroads Drive, Parker CO 80134

(formerly Treads Bicycles)


10490 S. Progress Way, Parker, CO 80134

(behind Colorado School of Dance)

Competitive Gymnastics Teams

For some of our athletes, the foundation and passion developed through our preschool and recreation programs will beg for a competitive outlet. Our USAG, Xcel and Mojo Stars gymnastics teams provide that. We strive to compete at the highest levels while teaching life long lessons like discipline, perseverance, hard work, self-confidence and respect along the way.

Preschool Gymnastics

This gymnastics and tumbling program is designed to introduce basic gymnastics through exploration and creative movement. A variety of gross and fine motor activities are also included. Our preschoolers leave with a sense of accomplishment and look forward to the new challenges the next class will bring. Come and join us on an adventure filled with fitness, learning, and fun.

Developmental Gymnastics

Our developmental/recreational curriculum follows the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic program standards. Children in this program safely learn fundamental skills and progressions on traditional gymnastics equipment (floor, bars, balance beam, vault and trampoline). They advance through skill achievement. These programs are intended for youngsters ages 6 and up.

All Star Competitive Cheer

Our objective is to provide the best all-around training in the cheerleading industry. We have shaped our instruction based on healthy progression and skilled coaching, while instilling values and character qualities to last a lifetime.

Developmental Cheer

This program is a wonderful place to begin your cheerleading journey. We pride ourselves in providing cheer instruction based on healthy progression and skilled coaching in order to promote self-esteem, skill building, and sportsmanship in athletes.


Introducing new Co-Ed NINJAgility Classes for ages 4-15. Each class will provide your child with exercises and activities that will strengthen their mind, body and attitude through Obstacle Course Training. They will gain a new level of confidence as well as burn lots of energy, so you have some tired kids on the car ride home!


The mommy-and-me gymnastics and tumbling class is designed for BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) ages 12 to 36 months. This class will help you to teach your little one to enjoy the fun and health benefits of gymnastics while still feeling safe with Mom or Dad.

Active Birthday Parties

Join us for A Party to Remember for your Special Birthday Child. Momentum Athletic Center offers action-packed and exciting parties for ages 3 yrs. and up! Fun for your child…Easy for You…TOP NOTCH STAFF!

Open Gym

Kids will have a blast socializing with friends, playing games and enjoying free playtime in a healthy, safe environment inside of our gymnastics facility. Children will play in the pit, jump on the trampolines and swing on the rope. Nothing is more fun than being active!

Why Choose Momentum Athletic Center?

We passionately believe children…

  • That learn an active lifestyle…
  • That become productive members of a team…
  • That set difficult goals and see them through…
  • That experience the joy of achievement AND the disappointment of loss…
  • That learn failure is a necessary step toward success…
  • That work with healthy adult mentors…

… are gifted with special advantages which help them live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Our coaches are what separates Momentum Athletic Center from any other gym in Colorado. We take extraordinary care in choosing not only exceptional coaches, but also exceptional people!  Coaches spend a lot of time speaking into the lives of our children, and it is so important that the message they send is inspiring, encouraging, and helping our gymnasts to reach their fullest potential.
Momentum Athletic Center is located in the heart of Parker Colorado. Our 12,500 square foot facility is designed specifically for gymnastics and tumbling with state of the art equipment. We’ve also created an environment where families will enjoy spending time while they wait for their gymnast.  We have:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Play area
  • Televisions with cable (sports package, too!)
  • Homework area
  • Kitchen area with microwaves, refrigerator and seating
  • Healthful vending options provided by Denver Healthy Vending

We know that Parker offers many youth sports options, and we’re honored that you’ve chosen us to serve your family. It is our goal to offer your child the very best gymnastics instruction, in the very best environment possible.

“Children are not a distraction from more important work.  They are THE MOST important work.” – John Trainer, MD