It is with great excitement that we announce the new Director of Recreational and Preschool Programming here at Momentum Athletic Center. Brian Spies is an absolutely amazing coach and has been involved in gymnastics for as long as he can remember. His entire family is heavily involved in the gymnastics community from his parents, to his wife, Angela, all the way down to his almost 5 year old son, Hunter. We are unbelievably honored to have you on our team, Brian!

“I started teaching gymnastics because I believe that everybody deserves a chance to show what they’re made of. There isn’t anything better than smiling, making friends and doing what you love. Here at Momentum Athletic Center it is our ultimate goal that your family looks forward to spending time with our family.”
Brian Spies

Brian Spies is the Director of the Preschool and Recreational programming here at Momentum Athletic Center. Brian has been involved in gymnastics as far back as he can remember, getting started around 5 or 6 years old with his father, Tom Spies, as his gymnastics coach. Brian took a few recreational boys classes until about the age of 8 and then started competing on a team at the All American School of Gymnastics. At that time, the boy’s team started at level 7 and went all the way down to level 1. Brian received first place at a few state meets and eventually ended his competition career at the age of 12 as a level 4 gymnast.

Gymnastics has provided a firm foundation for all of the various athletics that Brian has been involved in: golf and soccer to name a couple. Building his physical strength, mental strength, flexibility and his ability to work well with teammates is something that has carried through all aspects of his life.

Brian took his first gymnastics coaching job at Parker School of Gymnastics with Tyler Salazar and his father Tom Spies when he was 17 years old. He started out teaching recreational boys classes, and then expanded his skillset and began teaching preschool, recreational girls and USAG and Xcel teams. He has taught levels 3, 4 and 5 with USAG and Xcel. He’s also worked extensively on the managerial side as a Recreational Director, Preschool Director, Program Director and Gym Manager.

Brian has a beautiful wife named Angela Spies, who is also a very successful gymnastics coach here in the Denver area, and a handsome little gymnast of his own named, Hunter.

Brian Spies