It’s our three monthiversary weekend and AMAZING things are happening at Momentum!

Meet season has arrived for our JO Compulsory girls!! They’ve worked hard for 9 months, and it’s finally time for them to put their skills to the test. Our first meet is the Premier Season Opener in Loveland on September 10 and 11. Wish the girls luck here and in person if you see them. They’re a little bit nervous, a lot excited, and we know they’re going to ROCK IT!

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to the Optional Team girls, Xcel Team Girls and Kristina Michalski who took the time to write the girls sweet supportive messages and post signs all over the gym wishing them good luck at their meets. We’re so thankful for our amazing gym family and the community we’re building here. THANK YOU for being spectacular people.

Finally, don’t forget that ALL PROCEEDS from tonight’s Open Gym will go to Detective Dan Brite and his family. Join us tonight (Sept 9) from 7-9pm and let’s make this the biggest and best open gym we’ve ever had!! <3

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Team Mojo lockers

where greatness is stored!


How cool is our Optional Team?!!