About Momentum Athletic Center

Serving Parker Colorado and surrounding areas

Our Mission

To provide a nurturing youth sports activity center, within which young athletes can reach every ounce of their athletic potential, while developing the highest levels of self-esteem, integrity and character.

Our Values

We passionately believe children…

  • That learn an active lifestyle…
  • That become productive members of a team…
  • That set difficult goals and see them through…
  • That experience the joy of achievement AND the disappointment of loss…
  • That learn failure is a necessary step toward success…
  • That work with healthy adult mentors…

Are gifted with special advantages which help them live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Momentum Athletic Center was founded in 2016 for a very simple reason. We wanted to create a haven for our community that would allow all children a safe, fun and nurturing place to learn invaluable life lessons. As parents we knew that gymnastics offers an amazing framework that allows children to be challenged and rewarded while learning extraordinary lessons in the process. It provides so many opportunities to explore personal growth. At Momentum, it has been our mission to provide every child that enters our gym the opportunity to learn these incredible lessons and skills that can help them grow to become healthy, happy and productive people. That has been, and will always be our mission.

Development, Winning and Priorities

Winning is important. Those of you that know Marlene and I know we are as competitive as anyone. Momentum is committed to being extremely competitive. Since opening, Momentum has consistently performed as one of the top gyms in the state. However, winning must happen the right way. Winning will be a by-product of doing things right and consistent with our mission. We will have fun. We will be challenged. We will be picked up when we fail and celebrated when we succeed. For the better part of our history we have been able to do exceedingly well by doing right.

We will never accept prioritizing kids that may be a bit more talented at the expense of those that are not. Our mission is our dedication to every child. Every one of you has dreams for your children. You lay awake worrying about them. Every athlete has dreams for themselves. We expect Momentum and every coach to be committed to helping every child progress toward their dreams. This is who we are and who we will always be. For some of you this may not be the right approach. While we would hope to be exactly the right fit for every family and child, we know this is unrealistic. If you find that our mission is not right for you, please don’t try to change us. We built Momentum around this mission. Instead, we encourage you to find a gym that is a better fit for your child’s dreams.


As parents of gymnasts, we’ve seen both the wonderful and the challenging aspects of this amazing sport. With those experiences in mind, we have created a place singularly focused on delivering the very best that gymnastics has to offer to our young athletes; your children. It is our sincere hope to assist you in developing a foundation for healthy, happy and productive adults through our dedication to teaching not only gymnastics, but lifelong skills such as respect, discipline, self-confidence, teamwork, integrity, the power of failure and the joy of success. Gymnastics is the vehicle, but our people and commitment are our fuel.

We take very seriously that you are trusting us with your children. This is an awesome responsibility. The physical and emotional safety of our athletes is our first priority.

“We have been so happy with Momentum! Our girls (4 and 6) absolutely love going to the gym. They countdown the days until they get to go to gymnastics every week and the have a blast at Friday night Open Gyms. Our 2 year old little guy loves going to his Baby Mo class every week so he can “jump in the pit!” The coaches are really sweet and the owner team is extremely kind and helpful. I also love how the older girls are really sweet to our girls and model what it means to be a gymnast and give them something to look up to. We have felt very welcomed ever since the first day that we walked in.

Rachel Volk

Thank you for your interest and support of Momentum Athletic Center. We will continue to do everything in our power to make this a place you are proud to call your child’s home away from home.

Marlene and Kevin Warr

Owners of Momentum Athletic Center