Competing, growing and having fun at the highest level

Competitive Philosophy at Momentum

It is our basic and fundamental competitive team philosophy at Momentum to provide each and every athlete an environment in which they can reach every ounce of their potential, and achieve the greatest levels of success while fostering the highest levels of personal self-esteem and self-confidence. Teaching life skills, personal integrity and character are the cornerstones of this philosophy as we help to shape each of our athletes into strong, powerful and courageous young people.

Competitive Gymnastics - Momentum Athletic Center

Taking Flight with Team Gymnastics


To help your daughter reach her full potential as a gymnast while having fun and creating memories for a lifetime.


Momentum has 2 competitive paths for our athletes:

USAG Junior Olympics Team

JO Team (Invite Only) is a highly competitive environment that follows the USA Gymnastics rules and is intended for the more serious gymnast. Being on the team requires a substantial time commitment from both parents and athletes. Depending on the level, teams train between 8 to 18 hours per week, year round.  Our goal at Momentum is to help your daughter achieve the highest possible level that she is willing to work toward in the world of gymnastics

USAG Xcel Team

The Xcel Program is a national USA Gymnastics program of gymnastics levels that runs alongside the Junior Olympic (JO) program. Xcel (Annual Tryouts) is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience. The program is broken down into 5 completely optional levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.  The Xcel program offers an alternative to the demanding nature of the Junior Olympic program while still allowing the gymnast to compete within the USAG system.  The amount of hours is reduced and there is flexibility in competition requirements. Every level will have its own Momentum designed optional routine and will compete with those routines through the state championship level.

Our Development program that feeds into both teams is called MOJO STARS. This program is designed for very young athletes that show the aptitude and attitude to become promising team members in the future.


Develop the right athletes by mastering the fundamentals in a fun environment. We never encourage our gymnasts to attempt a new skill until her coach has the utmost confidence that she has mastered all the progressive steps leading up to it. The process can sometimes be frustrating and/or time-consuming, but the end result is well worth the method, and it is the key to a successful program.