What do your neighbors say about Momentum Athletic Center?


The measure of our success will be the value we deliver to the families that entrust their young ones to us. Here is what some of those families have to say.

Momentum has taken my daughter and let her fly! She has done gymnastics for years, but came to a cross roads. Momentum has never questioned her, but instead had challenged her, and encouraged her in a positive way. The best thing for a mom to hear was when she came home after only her second week at Momentum and said mom, gymnastics is fun again! She has never worked so hard or been so happy and we can’t thank Momentum enough for what they are doing for her!
Erin B
My daughter started at Momentum about 7 months ago, and she has LOVED it! She hadn’t ever done gymnastics before, and she has developed a deep love of the sport because of the awesome staff and coaches. I highly recommend their program!!
Carrie K.
Momentum is the best gym in Parker and Denver area. It’s a gym founded by parents, coaches and gymnastics, and it’s operated while keeping the interests of families, coaches, and most importantly, the gymnasts interests and the forefront. It’s the “Cheers” of gyms — a place I could look forward to going every day.
Neal D.
Best coaches! Best owners! Best location! If you would like your child to have fun and improve their gymnastics skills-Momentum is the place to go!
Maribeth M.
I absolutely love how they interact and support their gymnasts. They are a strong and interactive gym. My granddaughters have been in 2 prior gyms and this one ranks so much above them.
Lavonne S.
Fantastic, supportive staff! Excellent, clean, well-equipped facility. We love Momentum!
Lisa H.
People always say you can’t choose your family. It turns out you can. The amount of hours invested in this sport for your children creates a second family for. If only the kids but for the parents as well. This is an environment that is inclusive, diverse, kind and compassionate. Glad we picked this family.
Brian Roguske
We are so grateful to have found Momentum! It is a beautiful thing to feel so welcome and appreciated! Team Mojo is the BEST!
Maggie M.
Our 3rd gym. And this is now HOME!
Brent B.
The perfect environment for athletes to be successful! Great coaches, staff, and family friendly environment. One step in the door and you can immediately feel the difference between Momentum and other gyms!
Tam C.
“We recognized gymnast qualities in our daughter, Reagan, at a young age. At age four, we decided to sign her up for gymnastics classes. She enjoyed the classes very much. We were new to gymnastics and we were perfectly content to take Reagan to classes twice a week only to be met by a different “coach” each time.

One day we learned that Reagan’s gym would be merging with another gym and their new coach would be facilitating evaluations on the little gymnasts. Coach Michael immediately saw Reagan’s talent along with other gymnasts in her class. She was invited to be part of the pre-team program. At this time, Reagan was six years old. She is now nine and Michael has been her coach for the last three years.

She has participated in two competitive seasons and even won state her first year. Coach Michael has been an absolute blessing in our lives. He has shown Reagan that she has what it takes and he pushes her to new levels. He knows all of his athletes very well and tailors his coaching style to each athlete’s needs. Reagan goes at her own pace and Coach Michael is very patient with her. He has the perfect balance of being patient, pushing his athletes, and making workouts fun and rigorous.

Michael is an amazing coach and person. We are so excited to be joining him in this new venture. Reagan wants Michael to be her coach forever—and so do we!

Ashley Smith
“My daughter, Gracie, has participated in Gymnastics for several years. Three years of this she has been privileged to work with Coach Michael Monti. During Gracie and Coach Michael’s journey together he has lead her to discover her own strength, the value of being part of a team and the thrill of earning 1st place All Around title in the Colorado 2014 USAG Level 3 State Championship in her age division. It was a thrill to see Gracie evolve from the skill level that she was at in April of 2014 to earning a State Championship title. This was after working with Coach Michael for less than a year’s time.

Gymnastics is a very demanding sport. I feel very honored to have Coach Michael both coaching and guiding Gracie. He knows how to lead her to unearth her own potential as a Gymnast by being invested in her as a person and as an athlete. He has a heart of gold and wants to see his athletes succeed.”

Vickie McSchooler
“Coach Michael Monti coached both my daughters in pre-team and team gymnastics. Through his patience and instruction, both girls developed a true love for the sport. While he pushed the girls to be their best self and athlete, he also recognized that fun should still be an element. Coach Michael also took the time to get to know each girl, their passions, likes and dislikes, ultimately creating a very special coach/athlete relationship. As a family, we could not be more proud he coached our girls. He is exceptional at what he does!”

“Coach Hannah Bower coached my daughter for her second year of competition in gymnastics. My daughter immediately took to her as a coach. Hannah has a way of instilling confidence in her athletes while pushing them to be their best and do things they didn’t think they could do. She helps athletes hold themselves to the highest standard, standards she holds herself to. As a role model for girls and athletes, there is no one better. My daughter grew tremendously as a person and an athlete under her care.”

Kellie McHugh
Amazing owners, amazing staff!! They know how to teach and build on your kids dreams. It’s not just gym – it’s one big happy family. So glad we found them!
Maria Y.
This gym has been monumental in my daughter’s development. Love all the staff!
Shane C.
We recently switched our daughter who is on the competitive team to Momentum after having difficultly with our old gym. Momentum has treated us like family from the first time we walked through the door. They truly appreciate and value our business. Whether you are a team gymnast or your child is in a rec class, the coaches and owners see all of the athletes with the same value and priority!!! Go Team Mojo!!!
Laura R.
Great rec programs for preschoolers!
Bennett R.
Momentum is a great gym. When I’m there watching my granddaughters it feels like I’m part of the family. You can see that the coaches and the owners really care for the gymnasts. It’s a fun place to hang out!
Claudia B.
The coaches and owners are so personable and kind! What a great establishment!!
Gregory H.
By far the best coaching staff in the area. Awesome place to get children on the right track to succeed.
John K.
When I bring my granddaughter to the gym, she is always greeted with a smile and by name. I watch the practices and see the professionalism amongst the coaches in how they treat all of the gymnasts. A pleasant atmosphere and great comradarie
Pamela F.
Family-Friendly and Focused on the kids! We love the coaches and how they make my 3YO excited about the sport!
Michelle H.
This is the very best gymnastics gym ever! Every coach is truly dedicated to the gymnasts and truly care about all of them. My daughter has been coached, encouraged, and because of Coach Brian- will be an athlete wth them for a very long time. She loves it!
Nikki B.