Momentum Athletic Center Junior Olympic gymnastics team


Head Coach Junior Olympic Team: Jeff Gothard

Hard work beats talent!

JO Team (Invite Only) is a highly competitive environment that follows the USA Gymnastics rules and is intended for the more serious gymnast. Being on the team requires a substantial time and financial commitment from both parents and athletes. Depending on the level, teams train between 8 to 18 hours per week, year round.  Our goal at Momentum is to help your daughter achieve the highest possible level that she is willing to work toward in the world of gymnastics.

Compulsory: Our compulsory girls compete levels 3-5. At these levels we teach our athletes to be strong competitors with positive attitudes. “You win with grace, you lose with grace.” These levels introduce specific routines that all gymnasts must learn exactly.  You’ll find that coaches will bring more intensity and will expect the girls to come in and work hard while still having fun. These levels prepare gymnasts for the optional levels by perfecting fundamentals.  Each level will build on the skills learned in the previous level.

Optionals: Our optional girls compete levels 6-10 and spend a significant amount of time training while also balancing life outside the gym.  They are the leaders in the gym and it is expected that they provide a good example to the little gymnasts that look up to them.  Athletes at this level have mastered fundamentals.  In optional gymnastics there are a set of guidelines, or level requirements and routines are built around them. Each gymnast has her own music (on the Floor Exercise) and her routine is built to show off her own individual strengths. When levels 9-10 are reached, the opportunity to be recruited for college is addressed.

Participation on our JO Team is by invitation only. If you or your daughter are interested in joining the team, please call us to schedule an interview and individual tryout with our coaches: 720-745-6656.

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  • Tuition is due in advance on the 1st of every month. If tuition is not paid by the 15th of the month a $17 late fee will be applied, AND the child may be dropped from the class at the Momentum’s discretion.
  • There are no make-up classes offered for absences unless Momentum cancels the class (gym holidays and closures not included).
  • All classes require 30 day written notice to cancel.