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Head Coach Junior Olympic Team: Paige Betts

We are committed to providing our athletes the very best place to grow as gymnasts. Our teams compete at the highest levels and win. But we win the right way

Since opening in June 2016, Momentum Athletic Center has become one of the top competitive gyms in Colorado. Our Junior Olympic Teams have routinely ranked in the Top 5 in the annual Colorado State Champions. Since 2016 Momentum is the highest rated Compulsory gym in the Southeast Denver Metro area.

What we are most proud of is that every athlete is our priority. We do not focus upon only the few most highly talented kids. We are dedicated to our mission to help every single team athlete achieve her potential as a gymnast. In order to accomplish this we have very high expectations, incredible coaching expertise and our training has to be as much fun as it is challenging! After all, these are kids!

Gymnastics is hard! At Momentum we we know that all that hard work has to be wrapped in a fun and supportive environment. This is our recipe. Winning is the byproduct of doing this right.

Our Method

Great Expertise + High Expectations + Fun = Inspired Growth

JO Team (Invite Only) is a highly competitive environment that follows the USA Gymnastics rules and is intended for the more serious gymnast. Being on the team requires a substantial time and financial commitment from both parents and athletes. Depending on the level, teams train between 8 to 18 hours per week, year round.  Our goal at Momentum is to help your daughter achieve the highest possible level that she is willing to work toward in the world of gymnastics.

Compulsory: Our compulsory girls compete levels 2-5. At these levels we teach our athletes to be strong competitors with positive attitudes. “You win with grace, you lose with grace.” These levels introduce specific routines that all gymnasts must learn exactly.  You’ll find that coaches will bring more intensity and will expect the girls to come in and work hard while still having fun. These levels prepare gymnasts for the optional levels by perfecting fundamentals.  Each level will build on the skills learned in the previous level.

Optionals: Our optional girls compete levels 6-10 and spend a significant amount of time training while also balancing life outside the gym.  They are the leaders in the gym and it is expected that they provide a good example to the little gymnasts that look up to them.  Athletes at this level have mastered fundamentals.  In optional gymnastics there are a set of guidelines, or level requirements and routines are built around them. Each gymnast has her own music (on the Floor Exercise) and her routine is built to show off her own individual strengths. When levels 9-10 are reached, the opportunity to be recruited for college is addressed.

Participation on our JO Team is by invitation only. If you or your daughter are interested in joining the team, please call us to schedule an interview and individual tryout with our coaches: 720-745-6656.

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  • Tuition is due in advance on the 1st of every month. If tuition is not paid by the 15th of the month a $17 late fee will be applied, AND the child may be dropped from the class at the Momentum’s discretion.
  • There are no make-up classes offered for absences unless Momentum cancels the class (gym holidays and closures not included).
  • All classes require 30 day written notice to cancel.

A message to Parents

If we want Momentum to be a great place for your children, we have to engage in productive, positive and professional communications. We all have your children’s best interests as our top priority.

Expectations for Momentum and Coaches

At their best, youth sports can play a critical role in the development of young people into productive, happy adults. As their worst, youth sports can be a toxic activity focused on the wrong priorities and bad behavior. We are committed to getting the best out of this time we’ll spend together. We will commit significant energy and resources to manage all activities for this team in a manner that provides your child the opportunity to grow as a gymnast as well as a young woman. We commit to you, the following:

  1. We will be prepared and on time,
  2. We will communicate our goals and expectations clearly and proactively,
  3. We will model appropriate behavior always,
  4. We will make ourselves available throughout the season to discuss issues or concerns your family may have.

Much of what is learned in youth sports comes from the drive to win. This teaches lessons about hard work, dedication and teamwork. With the drive to win will come losses. Learning to win and lose with grace are essential life lessons. We will do both. But make no mistake, our goal is to win. Winning means progress both for the team and each individual athlete. Winning will include a commitment to challenge every child to grow and take meaningful responsibility for their personal and the team’s success.  We will learn and compete the “right way”. We will avoid shortcuts that teach bad habits that may lead to short term gains. We are willing to accept losses rather than compromise on the development of the athletes and the team.

Expectations for the athletes

This is a select team. It is a privilege to be invited to participate. This privilege comes with responsibilities. Athletes will be expected to:

  1. Treat all teammates, coaches, referees and parents with respect,
  2. Show up prepared and eager to participate,
  3. Be good citizens in and out of the gym,
  4. Try everything the coaches teach with open minds and hearts,
  5. Give a total effort every time they step into the gym,
  6. Dedicate themselves to improvement.

If we determine there are significant issues with these expectations related to your child, we will contact you proactively to discuss the matter.

Expectations for parents

We are a team. To be successful we must be focused on the same goals. We ask that if there are concerns, please bring those directly to your coach rather than stewing on them or discussing them with other parents. Further, we expect parents to:

  1. Cheer and support the teams with wild encouragement!
  2. Avoid coaching your child from the sidelines or at home. They spend a ton of time at the gym and with their coaches. What you are saying may contradict or confuse the goals that the coaches have at that moment,
  3. Support and encourage the lessons taught in practice with your child at home,
  4. Never engage in unsportsmanlike conduct with any coach, parent, player, participant, official or any other attendee,
  5. Take a breather (24 hours), before you reach out to anyone about issues related to practice, meets, discipline or philosophy.

That’s about it. Let’s have a great season!!